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I’ve been receiving requests to add people’s work to the website, so I’m going to try some guest artists on Bell’s Galleries.  I’m looking for creatives who produce work which compliments the aesthetic of my current work.  If I think there’s a fit I’ll list the works and take a 30 percentage commission of sale price, and you can distribute from your end.  I’d like it to be mutually beneficial, and trust people have similar values to myself.

It’d be great if all the pieces were unique and represented the artist who created them, maybe a deeper narrative, but definitely family friendly.  Have a read of the following points and if you think we could be compatible, add this to the basket, checkout, and I’ll email you a Google Form to complete.


  • you can distribute from your place, and offer a tracking number
  • you are organised
  • attention to detail
  • your work is handmade
  • you have original ideas
  • your work has high quality execution


  • art on paper
  • limited edition/multiples
  • made in Scotland/UK
  • have some current stockists


  • multiples that aren’t on paper
  • assemblage/sculpture

Definitely not:

  • digital prints

I hope we can work together, and I’m looking forward to seeing the stuff that comes in.  The £5 is a token to show that you’re committed, it’s non-refundable.  If large numbers apply and are not chosen I’ll make a donation to an art based charity, maybe Teapot Trust (, but let me know if there are other charities that you think are valuable to their communities.



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