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Stencils by Dylan Bell
Spraypaint by Dylan Bell
Graphic by Dylan Bell
Over-printing by Dylan Bell
Animals & Birds by Dylan Bell
Cowboy by Dylan Bell
Nature by Dylan Bell
Seaside by Dylan Bell
Neon by Dylan Bell
Typography by Dylan Bell
Noir by Dylan Bell
Overworked Vintage by Dylan Bell
Metallic by Dylan Bell

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Hand-produced limited edition art by Dylan Bell

Artist’s statement: “I’ve been using using spray-paint to explore a range of processes and finishes. I enjoy breaking all compositions into a series of colour blocks/layers, and devising an order of colour. The ever-expanding range of unique pieces are produced in small batch multiples and are individually titled, embossed, editioned and signed.

Recently they’ve gained a pop vibrancy, both in colour and imagery.  Spraypaint offers endless possibilities in finish and application, both for the collectable numbered editions on paper, and the stencilled and paste-up street art.

The steps involved in planning and executing these pieces, both the layered stencils, screen-prints, and original paintings have been a great challenge and I’m looking forward to developing my ideas further through larger format works and themed exhibitions.”

Dylan’s work is in a wide range of shops, galleries and unique decorative art spaces from Brighton to Aberdeen, and is also featured at various pop-ups and fairs throughout the year.

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Hear from the artist – Dylan Bell

Hear from the artist – Dylan Bell


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