Unique Decorative Art

Unique Decorative Art by Dylan Bell

My current work focuses on hand made images of well-known locations, screen-printed vintage collages, and graphic pieces using spray-paint. The ever-expanding range of unique decorative art is produced in small batch multiples and are individually titled, embossed, editioned and signed.

I enjoy focusing on the graphic geometries of images and their registry points. I look at all compositions as a series of colour blocks. The playful reimagining of iconic landmarks around the UK, pop culture imagery, graphic street art and typography have inspired me to create my latest unique series of prints paintings and mixed media art.

The steps involved in planning and executing these pieces, both the layered stencils and screen-prints, have been great fun and I’m looking forward to developing my ideas further through larger format works and themed exhibitions.

My work is in a wide range of shops, galleries and unique decorative art spaces from Brighton to Aberdeen.

Follow me @bellsgalleries to see what I’m up to.

See more work at Visual Arts Scotland – https://www.visualartsscotland.org/artist-biography/dylan-bell

Check out my newly created work at – https://bellsgalleries.co.uk/product-category/newly-created/

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