King of Clubs II


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Multi-coloured stencil and overprint of a playing card in alternative colourways. These offset over-prints come signed, titled, in a small edition.

An enlarged decorative neon pink playing card. This bold print will stand out on any wall, as an individual piece, or as part of a gallery wall. Pick out one of the vibrant colours to match the frame or mount board to. The Master of Knowledge represents that place where we are living from the Mind (not the intellect or brain) but from a place with a higher perspective, sharing through compassion and leading with integrity and responsibility.

All prints are completed on A3 (approx. 30cm x 42cm) 250gsm card using fade resistant inks and paints. They are all individually hand stencilled, manually printed, embossed and come backed on cardboard and sealed in a cellophane slip.


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