Herring Gull


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Multi-coloured limited edition picture of a herring gull using a range of spray-paints. These pieces come signed and titled, in a small batch.

A handmade herring gull painting, ready to swoop into a new home. The herring gull is the lord of the sea and sands, but can often be found in seaside towns and cities, searching for snacks. This original limited-edition painting is a must for seaside lovers who enjoy the challenge of darting to avoid swooping gulls whilst enjoying some fish and chips. A steely eyed seaside memento of the briny waves, this herring gull will bring a nostalgic smile to beach lovers countrywide.

All pieces are completed A2 (approx. 59cm x 42cm) on 300gsm bright white card, using fade resistant aerosol paints. They are all individually hand stencilled, embossed and come backed on cardboard and sealed in a cellophane slip.



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