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Multi-coloured original stencil art of a pigeon using a mixture of matt, metallic and satin spray-paint. These paintings come signed and titled.

Pigeons, or city doves, are prolific in the urban hot spots of Britain, and are a recognisable bird of an upright demeanour. Provide a pigeon with a tasty snack and it will be your friend for two minutes. This unique signed pigeon picture is part of a limited edition. Each piece is entirely handmade, from start to finish. Although produced in small batches each piece has very slight variations. Sure to be the centre piece of any wall, this pigeon painting is a beautiful piece of decorative art to enjoy and start conversations. A characterful creature looking to gently coo its way into a new home.

All pieces are completed A2 on 300gsm bright white card, using fade resistant aerosol paints. They are all individually hand stencilled, embossed and come backed on cardboard and sealed in a cellophane slip.


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